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Why add indoor air quality to your current business?
Why add indoor air quality to your current business?

Why add indoor air quality to your current business?

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When you add a complimentary business to your current product or service offerings, you are creating a stronger bond with your client, and you have created a reason for that client to have multiple contacts with you throughout the year. If you are a water treatment dealer, HVAC contractor, or any other service based company offering some form of annual service, what do you think the value of a second face visit with your client is worth? Thousands of dollars…..not only with their own personal purchases, but think of the value that client brings, without requiring more advertising dollars to keep them buying. Think about the benefit of a client that continues referring future business your way without additional advertising expenditure.

Always remember, your company's current clients are the absolute #1 source of your future sales. When you lose clients, you lose all of their future business and all of their referrals to your competition. When you keep clients, you keep that money, loyalty and ongoing stream of business for yourself. The fact is, loyal clients spend on average 30% more than non-loyal clients. Referrals among loyal clients are generally over 100% greater than among non-loyal clients. Maintaining and retaining clients takes time, attention and money. Gathering new clients takes a whole lot more of all three.

If you currently offer a product or service that is tied to your clients' health, comfort, safety, or well being, then you will have a much greater opportunity to transition into providing them an indoor air quality product or service because they are a target market.

In general, when you advertise, you often use a shotgun approach that sends your message out to the masses and hopefully gets to the choosen few that may have an interest in your product or service. By offering a product or service such as IAQ (indoor air quality), to someone that already buys water purification systems, HVAC air filters,or any number of other products that enhance their life, their family, their home or office, you now have a target market. They are going to buy your IAQ product or service. The question is, who are they going to buy it from? If you have delivered the quality service they deserve in your current product offerings, then you would be a logical and comfortable choice for them to buy from for their IAQ needs. Especially if you have taken the time to become a IAQ professional with knowledge, products that deliver optimal performance and the proper assesment skills to determine their exact needs and resolution to their problem.

By combining IAQ product and services to your current business such as water purification, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, HVAC furnace/ air conditioning, etc., you will create a stronger relationship with that client. This multi product business strengthens the relationship between you and your client, enhancing their desire to continue using you for both services versus shopping around. As you continue offering these multiple services, you will discover that your ability to be more cost effective and more time efficient for your client (one service call vs. two from two separate companies), you will definitely have a competitive advantage. Good for your client, good for you.

Understandably, the essential goal of any customer retention program is to keep the customers you worked so hard to get. Offering IAQ products and solutions as an addition to your current healthy, safety, or comfort based business brings you a step closer to building a strong, long lasting business, and more profitable than your competitor.

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