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The Timing Is Right To Offer (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality!
The Timing Is Right To Offer (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality!

The Timing Is Right To Offer (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality!

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As the saying goes, timing is everything. IAQ technologies and performance levels that were previously seen more exclusively in health care and higher-security environments are starting to make their way into homes, just as consumers seem most interested in them. Moreover, as consumers increasingly comb the internet for product and technology data, they are starting to demand more than just a filter.

The market isn't being fueled solely by infomercials for room air cleaners, ubiquitous though they are. Drivers include guidelines developed by the American Lung Association Health House program, and builders are also following the federal government's Energy Star Homes and BuiltGreen programs. In addition, the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC's) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program stresses the need for ventilation and whole house air filtration/ purification systems and UV light based technologies for protection from molds and bacteria. Energy-recovery ventilators providing a continuous supply of fresh and filtered air are also becoming popular in the IAQ markets.

Growing asthma and allergy concerns have helped air purification equipment record substantial growth. Market research has shown a large percentage of U.S. households have some sort of respiratory problem. In terms of sheer opportunity, there are an estimated 72 million households with an HVAC (Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. When you factor in the percentage of asthma and allergy sufferers, it means that millions of homes have someone interested in cleaner indoor air.

Another consideration in today's market is the fact that many residential homeowners are looking for air quality systems being designed and tested for their ability to remove chemicals and microbiological germs such as mold, bacteria and viruses in addition to the typical dust concerns. A Gallup study from late 2007, said that 83 percent of its respondents are either somewhat or very concerned about air quality. Viruses and bacteria rank very high on what they are looking for in an air-cleaning system. That study also indicated that 80 percent of people agree that air quality is getting worse and poor air quality can shorten your life; 45 percent agree that indoor air is worse than outdoor air.

Contractors that have attempted to break into the IAQ market realize the need to do a better job of talking to homeowners and offering IAQ solutions. Most contractors have cited that their lack of IAQ knowledge and lack of availability to the necessary training has been a stumbling block for them in the past. This is one reason for the success and demand for training resources such as Once a contractor has the knowledge and training, the key for contractors is often as simple as offering the product, and this doesn't mean you are trying to diagnose a medical problem. Only a small percentage of contractors, unfortunately, consider or market themselves as true IAQ professionals. Some simply don't consider themselves experts in the scientific aspect. They must seek out the necessary training to develop this knowledge and they will quickly see the difference it will make in their business.

Many contractors are also still hung up on price. The contractor is concerned about trying to offer a top-notch IAQ package, at a higher price than a simple filter system. They think people aren't willing to spend that kind of money, but the market data is there confirming people are willing to spend it. The cost of a whole-house solution is also more economically justifiable. The contractor must take the time to fully understand the IAQ market and become a professional in the industry to offer well qualified recommendations to the huge market of customers waiting for professional solutions.

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