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Live Training Classes

LIVE Webinar Training Classes (Don’t worry, if you can’t make the live event, we will record it and make it available it in the archived recorded training section. It’s included with your preferred gold membership to

Our next training webinar begins Thursday May 29, 2014 at 7:00pm eastern

The training sessions will last up to one hour. The first ½ hour will cover "topics of the week" consisting of product technologies, marketing, selling and business building. The second half of the training is dedicated specifically to you, and any immediate need for information you might have. You’ll be able to ask your questions when registering for the training.

One of the exciting things about this particular portion of the membership is that it gives you the opportunity to get specific answers to questions that you are being asked from your customers. You can also get solutions to the problems you may have encountered since our last training. Many of our members have told us that this exclusive member feature is invaluable to helping them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build their business and their income while they are still learning.

At we use a two step approach to building your customer base and your business. Step one involves simply scheduling a meeting with your customer at their home or office for two purposes. First, you will want to establish a helpful, problem solving relationship with them. Take the time to listen to what their concerns and needs are. At this stage you are on a fact finding mission. We will teach you what areas of the house or office to examine and test. You will use the forms and documents we provide in our members section to “fill in the blanks” while performing the step one evaluation. These evaluation forms will also help you to come away with a list of questions and concerns the customer has shared with you.

The second step begins with our live training. You will have the opportunity to present your findings to the training team and receive a plan to solve your customer’s problem (s) based on our three decades of indoor air quality and environmental experience. We will outline a step by step resolution that you can present during your second and final meeting with your customer. We’ll even give you the answers to questions we know they’ll ask during your second meeting.

This two step approach creates a professional “no pressure” atmosphere for your customer and a “no worry” comfort level for you. It eliminates the fear that you won’t have all the answers during your first visit while you are just starting out. The other incredible benefit with this part of your membership is you’ll be able to hear about other members’ air quality cases and learn how we address them as well. This group learning opportunity will catapult you to “expert status” quickly by teaching you how to solve a variety of air quality problems in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own.

Only paid Gold Members will have access to these webinars, along with the recorded archives and future trainings. Gold members will automatically receive a private email with registration information.

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