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Below are some responses to the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive.  If you don’t find the question or response you are looking for, please feel free to email us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Members Only area?

Membership has its privileges…

Our Members Only area is a secure area for our valued site members and consulting clients where you can gain access to the indoor air quality industry’s cutting edge tools, trainings and resources right on your computer.

Membership Privileges

A membership to provides you instant access to:

  • Full access to every profit building, IAQ training resource in the exclusive membership site.

  • All of our product and business success training, articles, videos, audios, special reports, our unique marketing strategies and much, much more. These resources are a compilation of our intense three day IAQ University training that we previously offered at our corporate offices for thousands of dollars. Now you can learn and earn online from the comfort of your home or office without the hassle of traveling, hotels, rental cars or extra expenses.

  • The best live and recorded IAQ video and webinar training available.

  • Special Tele-seminar trainings and recorded archives.

  • Weekly Group Coaching - Our private coaching for non members is a $150.00 per hour value. You will have access to our group weekly coaching calls where you can get your specific questions answered and hear other member questions that will help you build your business.

  • Access to purchase IAQ products at better than wholesale prices. Normally you would spend thousands of dollars buying products, just to find out which products work as claimed or not, to make sure you were offering your customer the very best products. Let our 27 years of IAQ technology experience save you the time and money. We've researched the technologies. We've spent our money and time to find the very best products that have the greatest customer approval ratings. We have spent in excess of $500,000 (that's right, over a half million dollars) researching products and technologies so you don't have to. Then we've negotiated the best wholesale pricing for you through our group buying power and allow you to buy our exclusive Wright Way technologies manufacturer direct. Then to top it off, we offer free shipping on qualifying orders.

  • An initial inventory of IAQ products, brochures, marketing resource CD, marketing materials, gain a "hands on" understanding of the latest technologies and the ability to profit immediately. The opportunity to make an immediate 150% return on your investment from your very first sale of products included in your membership. The retail value of JUST the IAQ products and marketing materials included with your membership is over $2000.00

  • You will become an authorized Air Oasis dealer and have the opportunity to offer the very best in IAQ technologies. 

Why should I join?

Maybe you shouldn’t. I know this response may surprise you, but really it shouldn’t. This is not a magic or silver bullet solution.  There are no “get rich quick” answers.  If that’s what you are looking for, I am sure you can find many late-night infomercials that will make those empty promises and even some of our very own industry organizations and gurus claiming to be all things to all people. We are not arrogant or delusional enough to believe that what we have to offer is right for everyone, will work for everyone, or is the only way to achieve results. We don’t want to earn your business today, only to lose you as a member tomorrow. We know that what we have to offer will work for those that are committed to excellence and success, and follow through on their commitments for the long-term. We are confident that our tools, resources, systems, training, coaching, and consulting will provide the answers you need. If you want to know if we are a fit for your needs, just email us and express your concerns or questions. You can be sure we’ll provide an honest answer. Rest assured that if we are not a fit, we’ll say so. GUARANTEED!

How is different from other web-based membership sites or just buying products from a supplier with no training?

Generic rah-rah sales hype and a company offering products with a simple brochure telling you to “just go out and sell them” is not our idea of support. All our content is exactly what we use with our clients, which is real world, time-tested, constantly updated and proven to work for nearly thirty years. We work in homes, office buildings and medical facilities all over the country, in various markets, dealing with all types of building owners and multiple air quality problems. The membership program brings to you what we have learned since 1983 from the trenches, to our members.

We’ve compiled our three decades of industry, marketing, sales and sales management knowledge to gain our education, to develop and deliver content that is relevant to the needs and requests of our clients and members. We are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and resources so that we may offer the latest cutting-edge information and tools to our members and differentiate our offering from other product suppliers or web-based content providers.

Where does the content come from and who creates the content?

Our downloadable content is created by our team of experts and our network of associates, affiliates, and partners exclusively or is shared via our members with their permission.  We continuously add content, as well as modify and revise existing content to stay current and keep it fresh with business evolution and market changes. They are not derived from a library of archaic material. You will find timely and pertinent information. In fact, if there is a subject you would like us to discuss, submit your request via email and we will respond with a private email response or pen an article in response if we deem your topic relevant. With our IAQ treatment technologies, you’ll have access to a compilation of decades of research and development. We’ll only offer you technologies proven in real world conditions, not just spec sheet theory. We know this stuff works because we use it everyday, and have for over thirty years, and have the statistics to prove it. You will learn not only from industry experts, but also some of the best trainers, consultants, coaches and companies in the country and learn how to avoid many of the mistakes we see business owners and indoor air quality contractors make everyday. 

Why would you offer so much for such a small fee?

Since our corporate goal is to make an industry-wide impact, we decided to leverage the Internet to help deliver our product and industry knowledge along with support services to make a larger impact, more time and cost efficient. Since 1983, we have provided this type of training and technology support at our corporate offices for thousands of dollars. Although our dealers have found this training and support program to be one of the single greatest reasons for their success, there were some downsides. The cost, the travel time, time away from their families, the missed time from their business, the feeling of “what now?” when they returned home. We knew there had to be a better way. A way to control costs, a way to eliminate travel expenses and headaches, a way to take over thirty years of our expertise and bring you “up to speed” quickly, yet provide continued ongoing training and support. The answer…..